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Wow- what an amazing experience for the women in the circle and for you. I'm hear to support you whenever you need it, you are an amazing woman and deserve the best life has to offer.
I feel I must point out that "the women" in shops and the customers are delighted when they meet you- and you have seriously gorgeous hair! =) The first time I saw you I couldn't stop talking about that hair and how I would feel like a total sex goddess if I were rocking that hair!

"However, it seems to me that to acknowledge how unhappy I was and to decide to take a concrete step designed to get me closer to my true authentic self has to be a pretty big ladle into the self-love bowl."


Sending you support and encouragement from afar!

I feel like I’ve been unfaithful to this blog. In fact, I kind of have. I’ve mentioned that I was dealing with some health issues. In fact, I was diagnosed with prediabetes back in January. It was a major wakeup call. Like a blast of ice water to the face.  I immediately knew that I needed to step up my exercise level, and lose some weight.

A couple of weeks ago I started a *secret* blog about weight loss for myself, where I count calories and log my exercise. It makes me accountable, in a way...I need to acknowledge to myself how I got to the point I am at. Keeping a record means I will have to record what I eat, and accept responsibility.
The blogs of other women (like you) working on getting healthy is my circle of support. Maybe I'll share mime someday.
Your honesty is inspiring. I"m sending positive vibes your way!

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