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Your post 'sparkles' with clarity and insight. And it's a reminder that what we need...what we really need comes to us at just the right time...sometimes we see it, sometimes we don't. But when our heart is ready, it (the heart) opens the door to the soul, which (the soul) is ALWAYS ready. Like it is just hanging out "waiting" for us to remember what IS important.
I know someone is technically "obese". One of her fears is that she will "starve to death". The interesting thing is that even when she gets all that she 'needs'...it never seems to be enough. Like she is a bottomless pit...emotionally and on a physical level. There is an emptiness that cannot be filled...at least not in the way she is trying to fill it. I would say she is trying to fill it...from the outside-IN.
I just love the passage that you posted here, from the book.
I feel inspired again by your message.

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