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But that's it! There IS pain in deep healing. That's the way it is. And anyone who says there is NOT...is in denial. In letting go of bad habits or past hurts...in particular those that are so deeply ingrained in childhood...as yours are...while recognition is a very good thing...there needs to be some kind of emotional release, right? Crying is like GOLD. It frees our fears and brings to the surface what has been buried for so long.
Not a blame-game...but a conscious awareness that lead to TRUE understanding and correct perspective.

It might be a bit of a rollercoaster for awhile...but so much better than "sucking it in".

One thing that really frustrates me is when someone says..."oh it is all in the past...it's over and done with...just let it go".
What they really mean is..."Forget it, I do not want to go there and I will not support you if YOU go there either."

Yes...let it go. Let it out. But not by refusing to look at it..look into it...and (perhaps) CRY it out...
those tears are our only chance for true freedom.

Thanks for writing!

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