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Laura- your honesty is the most admirable thing about this post. No matter who we are - we always have secret thoughts of who we are and how we should appear... the fact that you recognize this is far more important than having a cookie or two... Thank you for not deleting- it says a lot about you.

I love this post.

You've inspired me to seriously consider what passed my lips. I have been asking myself questions about what I want to eat..."is this going to help me feel good? Is feeling good important to me? Is this the best choice I can make? What am I feeling right now? Is it really hunger?" Just reading your very self-aware thoughts makes me. just. think.
Thank you for your honesty. Bless you on your journey.

You inspire me, encourage me, amaze me. And you know what? I believe one of these days you are going to look up and see that you are exactly ENOUGH just as you are. All the ways you picture yourself being 'sometime' you actually are NOW. You just aren't quite at the point of seeing how wonderful you are. I see it, Laura! Thank you for sharing who you are, for being completely open and genuine and generous, for being beautiful inside AND out, and for taking us along on your journey because SURELY we, your readers are going to benefit from the trip.

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